Studio visit: The Singh Twins

The Singh Twins — Liverpool-based sisters and artists Amrit and Rabindra — on how classical traditions of Indian art inspire their own original practice

‘There is so much material that we can look at and re-envision for modern audiences,’ say the Singh Twins, describing the influence on them of 18th and 19th-century works by artists from North India — many of which feature in Christie’s Arts of India sale on 26 May. 

‘It’s something we’ve tried to emulate in our own work,’ the Twins continue, introducing their own, highly intricate paintings, which merge elements of traditional Indian painting with contemporary subject matter — from the great British barbecue to the football pitch as battleground.

The Twins — each wearing matching kurta pajami and floral sandals — paint in unison, following a ‘laborious’ process intended to replicate the ‘wonderful array of detail’ achieved by painters on the subcontinent. ‘They manipulated perspective to their own aims — convention goes out of the window, in terms of the Western conformity to converging and diverging lines,’ they explain. ‘It really gives an insight into the genius of these artists.’


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