Private & Iconic Collections


  • London

    • Amelia Walker

      Amelia Walker

      Director, Specialist Head of Private Collections

    • Zita Gibson

      Zita Gibson

      Business Director, Private Collections

    • Orlando Rock

      Orlando Rock

      Chairman, Christie’s UK

    • Andrew Waters

      Andrew Waters

      Curatorial Director, UK Chairman’s Office

    • Adrian Hume-Sayer

      Adrian Hume-Sayer

      Director, Specialist

    • Charlotte Young

      Charlotte Young

      Associate Director, Specialist

    • Caitlin Yates

      Caitlin Yates


    • Nathaniel Nicholson

      Nathaniel Nicholson


    • Benedict Winter

      Benedict Winter

      Associate Specialist, Private Collections

  • New York

    • Gemma Sudlow

      Gemma Sudlow

      Vice President, Head of Department

    • Elizabeth Seigel

      Elizabeth Seigel

      Interim Head of Department

    • Jonathan Rendell

      Jonathan Rendell

      Deputy Chairman and Senior Advisor, Christie's Americas

    • Michelle Rusinek

      Michelle Rusinek

      Senior Sale Coordinator

  • Paris

    • Lionel Gosset

      Lionel Gosset

      Auctioneer and Head of Department